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Kenyon “X” Series Gyro (3 Axis)

Ken-Lab Gyro Stabilizers

Ken-labs Gyro Stabilizer Rentals

Blue Sky Aerials has the largest inventory of Kenyon gyro stabilizers on the west coast. We also have one of a kind specialty mounting brackets for different types of cameras.  Please feel free to call us with questions, we are always glad to help.

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KS-2 Gyro Stabilizer Kit: 

$25/day $75/WK

KS-4 Gyro Stabilizer Kit: 

$50/day $125/WK

KS-6 Gyro Stabilizer Kit: 

$60/day $150/WK

KS-8 Gyro Stabilizer Kit: 

$75/day $200/WK

KS-12 Gyro Stabilizer Kit: 


Kenyon Gyro Stabilizers (2 Axis)

KS-4x4 “X” Series Gyro Kit: 


KS-6x6 “X” Series Gyro Kit: 


KS-8x8 “X” Series Gyro Kit:



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