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KS-2 Gyro Stabilizer: 



KS-4 Gyro Stabilizer: 



KS-6 Gyro Stabilizer: 



KS-8 Gyro Stabilizer: 



KS-12 Gyro Stabilizer: 



Call for monthly rates: 1 (888) 604-1966 US Toll Free

Kenyon “X” Series Gyro Stabilizers (3 Axis)

Kenyon Gyro Stabilizers (2 Axis)

Ken-Lab Gyro Stabilizers

Blue Sky Aerials offers the largest inventory of Kenyon Gyro Stabilizers on the West Coast. 
Ask about same day shipping to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and most western states and Hawaii.

Kenyon KS-4x4 “X” Series Gyro: 


$250/Week Rental

Kenyon KS-6x6 “X” Series Gyro: 


$360/week Rental

Kenyon KS-8x8 “X” Series Gyro:


$450/week Rental